Tuesday’s Need to Know

Be careful if you’re going out on the ocean. A small craft advisory remains in effect for Hawaiian waters through Tuesday evening.

Large swells produced by Hurricane Ignacio will continue to affect east-facing shores of both Hawaii Island and Maui. A high surf warning remains in effect until 6 am Wednesday.

Because of the hot muggy weather, local stores are having a hard time keeping a/c units and fans in stock. Sadly, Mother Nature isn’t letting up anytime soon.

A warning if you’re heading to Laniakea Beach. Police started enforcing new No Parking signs along Kamehameha Highway.

The state wants to make permanent emergency rules protecting sea cucumbers. In June it banned harvesting sea cucumbers for commercial purposes. That ban is set to expire in October.

Nextera explains how a merger with HECO would benefit you, in a filing with the state Public Utilities Commission. Nextera says each customer will save between $345 to $475 in the first five years. The filing says it also will help Hawaii achieve its 100% renewable energy goal in the next 30 years. The PUC is still reviewing the merger.

According to AAA, our statewide average for a gallon of regular gas is now $3.11. Oahu drivers are paying less than $3 a gallon, and neighbor islands pay a little more. Experts say you can thank the low price of crude oil for the low gas prices.

The city will start issuing notices to people living on the streets of Kakaako that they’ll need to move. The tents violate the city’s sidewalk nuisance law. A press conference is scheduled for this morning. We’ll let you know what happens.

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