Dole Cannery stores clean up after flood, prepare for more rain

Dole Cannery

Some business owners are getting ready for more rain while still cleaning up from Thursday’s downpour.

At Dole Cannery, many stores were flooded. Business owners got ready for more rain by making sandbags.

“It’s actually been really tiring, very tiring,” said Branch Young with Mills Uniform.

On Thursday, workers tried to clear their stores as best they could. They’re helping each other prepare for stormy weather while drying out their carpets.

Mills Uniform remains open but is losing thousands of dollars.

“We’re definitely dishing out more money than we are bringing in money,” Young said.

“How much money have you spent already cleaning up and preparing?” KHON2 asked.

“I think over the last eight days, it’s been about well over $5,000,” he said.

Another shop, Uniforms Hawaii, is closed, and won’t open until next week. Managers say they don’t know how much money they’ve spent because of the storms.

“Because it’s something that we have to do, we’re just spending the amount that we need to get the operations back up again,” said Nora Lee with Uniforms Hawaii.

Managers at mesh by Shari Saiki doesn’t know how much they’ve spent either, because the storms have happened so frequently.

“We’re just making sure our staff is ready to take on the event and of course we have external resources that if it gets to that flood level, then they’re on-call and ready to get here,” said Bryan Kitashima with mesh by Shari Saiki.

At the design furniture studio, owners have placed each item on wooden blocks to protect it from the water.

Other shops nearby, such as Fuji Market on King Street, also cleaned up, but sandbags remain just outside. The owner said the incident damaged his new freezer, which cost several thousand dollars.

Fuji Market
Fuji Market

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