Parking restricted in Lanikai during Labor Day holiday weekend


The city Department of Transportation Services is notifying all motorists and residents of Lanikai that this coming Labor Day weekend (Saturday through Monday), no parking of motor vehicles will be permitted on the unimproved sidewalk on the right side of the road along the Lanikai loop, in order to ensure access to Lanikai for emergency vehicles, residents, and visitors.

The Lanikai loop includes A‘alapapa Drive and Mokulua Drive, where a bike lane runs along the right side of both streets. Parking is always prohibited in the bike lane, with a potential fine of $200. Motorists should also not drive on the bike lane, stop and/or unload people or equipment on the bike lane. Bike lanes are reserved for bicyclists.

lanikai beach map

This holiday weekend, barriers will be placed adjacent to the bike lane on the Lanikai loop notifying motorists that no parking is permitted on the right side of A‘alapapa and Mokulua Drives over the Labor Day weekend.

“Residents of Lanikai have confirmed that barricades on the bike lane side of the loop improve traffic congestion on busy weekends. If it takes barricades to enforce existing laws, DTS will continue to put them up until the permanent no parking signs are installed,” said Director of Transportation Services Mike Formby.

Parking was similarly restricted in Lanikai during this year’s Statehood Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Presidents’ Day weekends.

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