Police increase DUI checkpoints during Labor Day weekend

Many people started celebrating the Labor Day weekend Friday night.

The Honolulu Police Dept. set up checkpoints statewide and increased patrols because of the holiday weekend.

But it looks like the message to not drink and drive didn’t get through to everyone. Police arrested dozens of motorists for driving under the influence over the weekend.

If you get convicted of drunk driving, you’ll have to pay a fine, your driver’s license will be suspended, and you may even have to spend time in jail.

During holiday weekends, EMS says they respond to more accidents.

“Drunk driving is 100-percent preventable. We want to do what we can to prevent injury or death caused by a drunk driver,” said Mothers Against Drunk Driving spokesperson Kinau Shipman.

“Traditionally on any long holiday weekend, it tends to be more partying, alcohol involved. You could get caught, don’t even try,” said Honolulu Police Department Maj. Darren Izumo.

If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact police immediately.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving says the best thing to do before you go out drinking is plan how you will get home at the end of the night and always have a sober driver.

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