Hokulea captain estimates another week until reaching Mauritius

Still courtesy of Polynesian Voyaging Society/Oiwi TV

Hawaii’s voyaging canoe Hokulea is in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about two-thirds of the way to the island nation of Mauritius.

Hokulea and her 11-member crew have been moving along at a pretty good clip since leaving Cocos (Keeling) Island about 11 days ago.

Crew members say the weather’s been great up until about four days ago. One crewmember said, they got pretty soggy.

“It’s all overcast, light rain, grey but the wind is probably between 15 to 18, 20 knots which is not bad but the seas are relatively calm considering everything,” said Hokulea captain Bruce Blankenfeld. “It’s been relatively benign for the most part. We have had some rough weather and stuff but it’s been really kind to us so that’s been real awesome.”

Captain Bruce says he’s happy with their progress and estimates another week of sailing before reaching Mauritius.

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