Lanikai residents fall victim to single-night vehicle break-in spree

A neighborhood in Lanikai has been plagued with nearly a dozen cars break-ins. It happened on one street, in one night, despite several homes displaying security camera warning signs.

KHON2 spoke with several residents who live on Po’o Po’o Place and they said more than 10 neighbors were hit by the burglary-spree.

The break-ins happened sometime between Thursday night into early Friday morning.

“It’s a strange form of low-key paranoia,” said resident Elan Star. “You realize you may never be totally safe.”

Star was one of almost a dozen residents that fell victim to the crimes. He says someone broke into his Honda Odyssey.

Across the street, Tom Carroll says his wife’s Toyota was also broken into.

“The door was open, the glove box open, nd door was ajar, to where you wouldn’t make a noise closing it,” explained Carroll.

Both Star and Carroll says their neighbor’s BMW, usually parked on the street, was stolen.

Luckily, the car’s GPS system allowed police to track its whereabouts.

“They found it at Walmart, in Pearl City,” said Carroll.

“Does it dishearten you, knowing it did not deter any thieves coming over?” KHON asked.

Star responded: “Yeah. And that you can actually be so bold and go in all the cars and assume you’re not going to get filmed by camera.”

“We do get a lot of foot traffic here because of the pillbox trail,” admitted Carroll. “But you wouldn’t think hikers would be the same people steal your stuff at 3 am in the morning, hopefully.”

In the last week, HPD recorded more than 200 vehicle thefts or break-ins island wide.

“I think everybody should have more surveillance,” urged Star.

“I don’t think it matters where you live, lock your stuff up. There’s knuckle heads everywhere. Lock your stuff up,” added Carroll.

Anyone with information on these vehicle break-in is asked to contact HPD.

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