Living Healthy: Castle Medical Center Activities Women can use for a lifetime of health

There are three main aspects of each stage of a women’s life, “Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Exercise”. Amanda O’Neill, a Registered Dietician, explains why Women’s Health is important and what factors go into staying healthy. A women’s exercise routine is important, and it should change, from  adolescence through to menopausal/post-menopausal. Weight control is especially important later on in life. Avoid processed carbohydrates, eating whole foods can help with balance. Decreased calories is good but really paying attention to regular protein intake and timing of eating is key to stay healthy! Make sure you check out Castle Medical Center Wellness Center, where they can assist with setting goals and creating a plan tailored to women throughout the different stages of a their lives. They offer nutrition counseling , personal training, group fitness classes, cooking demo’s, and smoking cessation.



Wellness Center: 263-5050


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