Campbell High students, teachers get much-needed AC relief

James Campbell High School

There was some relief at James Campbell High School campus Monday morning after 36 air conditioning units were installed over the weekend.

Students and teachers alike were thrilled that 12 classrooms got new, temporary air conditioners from the Department of Education.

“Oh definitely, since last week we that big heat wave,” said social studies teacher Michael Lum. “We have three ACs on right now, so I feel super happy right now because, oh my goodness, it’s a lot cooler right now in my classroom.”

“I was so tired and kind of bummed out because it has been so hot, and when I came in here I was like yes, my face was all smiling. I can’t stop smiling,” said sophomore Shawna Demitrial.

Still school officials tell us about 80 percent of the Ewa Beach school’s classrooms are not air conditioned.

We’re told the buildings need electrical upgrades in order to get the AC.

The DOE has set aside half-a-million dollars to buy air conditioning units to cool schools across the state amid record-breaking heat and humidity.

James Campbell High School
James Campbell High School

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