Drive Akamai: Child passenger safety

From talking with parents, it’s clear that there’s a lot of confusion out there about Hawaii’s Restraint Law and correct child safety seat installation. Child Passenger Safety Instructor Charles Hirata explains the law and even demonstrates how to properly install a car seat.


According to Hawaii’s Restraint Law, all children must ride in a child restraint until the age of 8. At age 2 (or longer if possible), you can turn your child to face forward. A child can safely use a seatbelt when the child’s back is against the back of the seat and his or her knees can bend over the edge of the seat. The belt should be along the child’s lap, not the abdomen and the shoulder strap is on the chest, not the neck. Experts also say the safest place for a child to sit in a vehicle is in the back seat.

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