Bad bulbs, fixtures replaced at problematic softball field

It was supposed to be a field of dreams, but it turned into a huge headache.

The city spent more than a million dollars renovating the softball field at Kailua District Park. No one has been able to use the field at night for more than three years because after repairs were done, the lights weren’t working properly.

The lights put in during the renovation weren’t bright enough and left a dark gap in the middle of the field.

The city said both the bulbs and the fixtures were not working like they should have been.

That’s why crews were at the field Thursday night, installing and testing new lights to make sure these will do the job.

“It’s a good thing I think that everybody can benefit from. It will be great and the kids can get night time play time. That is an experience for them,” said Kailua resident Ryan Lizama.

Taxpayers will not have to foot the bill for the new bulbs.

The city says General Electric will pay for all additional costs.

The renovation project initially cost $813,000.


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