Family pleads for return of irreplaceable memories

You can keep the valuables, just give us back our memories.

That’s the message from an Oahu family after a thief broke into their car.

Mahina Mawae was taking her son to Moanalua Gardens for his birthday.

She went back to get her camera out of her car.

But what she found was a broken car window and a missing purse.

In that purse was a memory card that contained photos of her son who passed away four years ago.

“It’s irreplaceable. It’s pictures that we can never get back that’s all we ask for is the pictures that are in the card that was in my wallet nothing else,” said Mahina Mawae.

Mawae asks that if you know the whereabouts of the memory card or know someone who does, have it sent in a sealed envelope to:

Honolulu Police Headquarters
801 S. Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

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