Local company builds custom part to fix Kaiser band room’s air conditioner

Kaiser High School's new condenser coil (Photo: Cosco Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)

A local air conditioning company has stepped in to provide some much-needed relief in Kaiser High School’s band room.

Cosco Air Conditioning and Refrigeration stepped in to help after the air conditioner broke in the music and arts building, forcing band students to practice in a sweltering room with no windows.

The state Department of Education previously told KHON2 a fix would not be possible for several more weeks as the air conditioner was so old, the manufacturer didn’t have the part in its warehouse to repair it.

Continental Mechanical of the Pacific is a contractor for the DOE. Service manager Gregg Powers says he reached out to Cosco for a quicker solution.

Owner Matthew Cosco says the company designed and built a new condenser coil and had it shipped to the islands in just five days, versus the manufacturer’s estimated 12 weeks.

“We got a blueprint drawing. We went and double-checked the measurements,” he said. “We followed the manufacturer’s coil style so we didn’t actually modify anything, we just built it from a different manufacturer.”

“The unit itself is between six and eight years old. It’s probably, with this coil replacement, going to last five or 10 years,” Powers said.

Powers said the original part broke because the school is close to the ocean and the salt in the air corroded the metal.

Crews are now working to disassemble the old coil and install the replacement.

The air conditioner is expected to be up and running by Wednesday or Thursday.

Kaiser High School's original condenser coil (Photo: Cosco Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)
Kaiser High School’s original condenser coil (Photo: Cosco Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)

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