Massachusetts teen says his Apple Watch saved his life

A Massachusetts high school athlete says his Apple Watch helped save his life. He said the watch’s heart rate monitor alerted him that something was wrong.

Seventeen-year-old senior Paul Houle Jr. was at football practice when something felt off.

“I had pain in my chest and my back whenever I took some deep breaths,” he said.

He would have chalked it up to a hot day on the gridiron, but his Apple Watch alerted him to something serious.

“I could just feel my heart pounding, so after practice I went and took a nap, my heart rate was still at 145. I noticed on my Apple Watch.”

Paul went to the hospital, where he learned he had heart, liver and kidney failure, which could have been fatal if not for his watch.

“I’m just grateful that he’s healthy,” said his father Paul Houle Sr.” I remember when the Apple Watch was coming out and I said there’s no way we’re buying one.

“I went out on Saturday and bought one for my wife and myself.”

While Paul can’t play football just yet, but he has something else to look forward to — an internship next summer with Apple.

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