Bank donates $25,000 to help cool schools

A generous donation was given to help cool down some hot classrooms on Wednesday.

The Central Pacific Bank foundation gave a $25,000 check to the Department of Education.

Many classrooms still don’t have AC’s, and students and teachers have been complaining about how incredibly hot it’s been which makes it harder for them to focus.

“Our schools have been struggling to deal with this, we’ve been treating this as an emergency situation… all hands on deck. To try to provide some relief for our kids,” said Schools Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi.

“We all know and recognize that the heat is having an negative impact.. So we thought we needed to do something and when Hawaii 3 R’s launched this, we knew that we had to send a call to action to our members. Because businesses are not just about business, it’s about supporting our communities,” said Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Sherry Menor McNamara.

The DOE is still working to fast-track air conditioning projects throughout schools and find other alternatives to cool down the classrooms in the meantime.

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