Red Cross Ready Rating Program

Businesses and organizations can face a lot of different emergencies that could disrupt their operations – from natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, to man-made disasters like fires and explosions. According to FEMA, 40% of businesses will not reopen after a major disaster, and another 25% percent will fail within one year. If you’re a small business, you have a 90% chance of failing within 2 years after a disaster.


Coralie Chun Matayoshi, CEO of the Hawaii Red Cross, says it’s important for businesses and organizations to be prepared. It offers a new website.


“It is a free, online program that helps businesses, schools and organizations assess their readiness, offers customized feedback, and allows you to develop your own preparedness plan,” says Matayoshi.


The ReadyRating program offers two kinds of assessments – one has 25 questions and the other has 60 questions, depending on whether you already have some plans. Topics include hazard vulnerability, continuity of operations and employee readiness.


After you take the assessment, a customized Next Step Report will provide advice on how to strengthen your emergency response plan by pointing the user to specific “actionable” resources that include videos, forms, guides and templates. The Next Steps report will also help to prioritize the efforts of the user so that making the changes isn’t too overwhelming.


After implementing suggested changes based on your assessment, users can then track their progress by updating their initial assessments. Some of the resources in the Resource Center include:


  • After Action Report Templates
  • Guidance on Hostage and Kidnapping Situations samples
  • Workplace Preparedness Playbooks
  • Videos on how to protect vital records
  • Videos on how to communicate during a crisis
  • Guidance on Reporting and Recording Threatening Calls
  • Guidance on Dealing with the Release of Hazardous Materials


Users do not need to join or take an assessment to access these resources.


More information about this preparedness program can be found at

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