Agriculture department catches coqui frog in Windward Oahu

Photo: Dept. of Agriculture

Some Kailua residents may be sleeping a little better after the capture of a coqui frog.

KHON2 has learned why experts aren’t too concerned about the discovery.

It something the folks on the Big Island know all too well.

A single coqui was caught on the Windward side of Oahu.

The coqui frog sound led to tips from a couple of different Kailua residents who heard the loud and distinctive mating call at night.

After receiving the two separate reports, the Department of Agriculture responded this past Monday night.

They managed to capture the noisy culprit outside of a home on Iana street.

Officials say the frog likely hitched a ride over from the Big Island.

“We try to inspect the plants on the Big Island. Most of it is treated, but possibly a private passenger might have brought plants on their flights that hasn’t been inspected,” said Keevin Minami.

Officials say finding a coqui on Oahu isn’t rare, and that they usually catch one to two every month here.

They also say it’s best when they catch males because they’re the ones who protect the eggs.

When the eggs are left unprotected, other critters will eat them, preventing a colony of coquis from being established.

Officials believe this particular case on Iana Street was an isolated incident, and that there are no other coqui frogs in the neighborhood.

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