Judy K emerges from Honolulu Harbor thanks to Army divers

Honolulu Harbor

It’s been months since the Judy K has been above water.

On Wednesday, the sunken vessel was finally pulled out of Honolulu Harbor.

The state worked with the U.S. Army to salvage the 77-foot boat after bids from local contractors came back too high.

The Army used the situation as a training exercise. The process began Sept. 8 and is tentatively scheduled to conclude Oct. 2.

“This was just a great training experience all around. We got to do stuff we ordinarily would not have the opportunity to do,” said Pfc. Thomas Behard, 7th Engineer Dive Detachment, 130th Engineer Brigade.

“We’re very grateful for what they did for us in helping us to lift this boat. The amount of time and energy that they helped save for us is immeasurable,” said Darrell Young, deputy director, State Harbors Division.

The Judy K was first reported to be sinking at Pier 16 back in January. Ropes preventing the boat from sinking to the bottom of the harbor.

Army divers previously assessed the boat back in June.

She will now be disposed of at a salvage yard at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

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