Sea Life Park welcomes three new marine mammals

Kina, a 40-year-old false killer whale, at Sea Life Park

Three marine mammals are now calling Sea Life Park home.

Kina, a 40-year-old false killer whale, Boris, a 26-year-old bottlenose dolphin, and BJ, a 29-year-old bottlenose dolphin, were transferred to the park in August.

They were previously part of the University of Hawaii’s research facility at Coconut Island in Kaneohe Bay, where they participated in a variety of comprehensive research studies.

“What we were doing was trying to conduct research investigations where we could better understand how they hear, how they use their sonar, how they think, and how they basically perceive the world,” explained Sea Life Park curator Jeff Pawloski, “because we want to understand how they integrate into the ocean environment.”

As part of the agreement to let Sea Life Park house the animals, UH researchers will continue to monitor them from their new home.

“We’ll have interpreters there who can say hey, this is what we’re doing right now, this is what we’re trying to study, and we want to do it in a format where people can ask questions and understand,” Pawloski said.

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