Bees no longer at Kailua beach park, experts monitor islandwide increase

City officials say a swarm of bees in Kailua seems to have moved on.

Jon Hennington, Department of Parks and Recreation public information officer, said a bee consultant visited Kalama Beach Park on Kalaheo Avenue Monday and found no signs of a hive and no bees present.

A portion of the park was roped off over the weekend because of bees.

Many people KHON2 spoke with didn’t notice them at first, as they had gathered along a high tree branch.

Some worried it could be a public safety issue.

“With all the wind, I was thinking this is going to fall anytime soon on somebody who probably didn’t notice it just like me,” said Kaneohe resident John Hochrotch.

“What you saw is a reproductive swarm. You are seeing the swarm that left the mother hive with its scouts, and they are somewhere around that site there, where they are going to probe and probe and probe until they find just the right place,” explained bee expert Michael Kliks.

Kliks answers the “Honey Bee Hotline,” a service that helps people who have problems with bees.

He says in the last two months, the hotline has received three to four times more calls than usual for this time of year.

Last week we told you about the bees on Koko Head Crater Trail. While the bees aren’t new, hikers reported a significant increase in their numbers.

Kliks says El Nino is bringing more bees to the area because more flowers are blooming due to recent rains.

“I have heard and seen anecdotal reports of bee swarms in other parts of the island, so it seems that bees may be moving around right now in several areas,” Hennington said.

Officials say the city is looking into relocating the bees at Koko Head.

If you spot a bee swarm or hive, you can call the Hawaii Beekeepers’ Association hotline at (808) 988-7203.

kalama beach park bees kailua (1)

kalama beach park bees kailua (2)

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