Hawaii still one of the worst states for public school teachers

The personal finance website WalletHub followed up on last year’s analysis of the best and worst states for public school teachers, and Hawaii is still considered one of the worst.

Last year, Hawaii was ranked 5th. This year, the ranking is “better” by one, to 6th.

WalletHub analyzed the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 13 key metrics, ranging from average starting salary to unemployment rate to the projected number of teachers per student by 2022.

The results for Hawaii from the 2015’s Best and Worst States for Teachers report, with 1=Best and 25=Average:

  • 51st – Average Starting Salary for Teachers
  • 51st – Median Annual Salary for Teachers
  • 37th – WalletHub “School Systems” Ranking
  • 33rd – Teachers’ Income Growth Potential
  • 21st – Projected Number of Teachers per Student by Year 2022
  • 19th – 10-Year Change in Teacher Salaries
  • 37th – Pupil-to-Teacher Ratio
  • 18th – Public School Spending per Student

“Teachers across the U.S. are shortchanged every year — their salaries consistently fail to keep up with inflation — while the law demands they produce better students,” the website states.

WalletHub cites National Center for Education Statistic where about a fifth of all new public school teachers leave their positions before the end of their first year, with nearly half of them never lasting more than five.

The data used to create the rankings were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Education Association, the National Center for Educational Statistics, the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, CareerOneStop, and WalletHub research.

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