Honolulu firefighters kick off prevention week with family-fun event

The Honolulu Fire Dept., partnered with the Federal Fire Dept., held a kick-off event for fire prevention week in Waikiki Saturday.

“Hear the Beep Where you Sleep” is this year’s theme for the annual preparedness week, which starts Sunday.

The kick-off was Saturday at the Honolulu Zoo.

HFD hosted a full day of fire safety activities and games, as well as prizes and interactive displays.

Smokey Bear and Sparky the Fire Dog also made appearance.

“Our biggest thing is to test your smoke detectors once a month and also to create a family fire evacuation plan, so that’s what we’re stressing today,” said Federal Fire inspector Angela Sanders.

A ceremony was held Saturday afternoon for Sparky, as the fire department’s mascot is retiring after 30 years of teaching Hawai’i’s keiki about fire safety.

A new mascot was introduced, but a statewide elementary school survey will select his name.

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