Rough East Oahu surf closes Hanauma Bay, prompts hundreds of rescue measures

Big waves across the state have resulted in the closure of a popular tourist destination on the east side of Oahu.

Orange signs were posted outside of Hanauma Bay, warning people the beach was closed because of dangerous surf.

The attraction was closed because lifeguards say there were 6-foot waves Saturday morning and the tide was high.

Lifeguards at Sandy Beach Park, also on east Oahu, were walking up to people on the beach to advise them of the high surf.

One couple decided to have a picnic in the shade and enjoy the nice weather while they can. we saw only boogie boarders and surfers in the water.

The storm could bring a boost in showers later this week.

“Waves look nice, a little rough i think if you are a swimmer, but for surfing it looks pretty good,” said Makiki resident Tim Steinberger.

Lifeguards say there were there were 8 rescues and 300 preventative rescues at Sandy’s.

At Makapuu, 10 rescues and 300 preventative rescues.

Hanauma Bay Lt. Charles Oliveri says they are anticipating waves for the next two days, but Hanauma Bay could be open by tomorrow.

“When you have high surf like this the current is really strong. the waves are definitely building throughout the day,” Oliveri added.

A high-surf advisory is in effect for north and east-facing shores of Oahu until 6 p.m. Sunday.

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