Judge denies second term for Kamehameha Schools trustee

Janeen-Ann Olds

A Kamehameha Schools trustee will not be serving another term.

On Thursday, a probate judge denied a request by Janeen-Ann Olds, who was seeking a second term.

Other trustees had withdrawn their support, because she also serves as the CEO of Sandwich Isles Communications.

The founder of that company, Al Hee, was convicted of tax fraud for skimming millions of dollars.

Robert Nobriga, chairman for the Kamehameha Schools Board of Trustees, issued the following statement:

We agree with the decision that was announced today, and we respect and appreciate the court’s diligence in this matter.

While we know this was a difficult decision, we believe this ruling is in the best interests of Kamehameha Schools and the beneficiaries we serve.

The governance of our Trust remains strong. We have an excellent management team in place, and we have an exciting new strategic plan rolling out that will engage learners and communities across the state for the next generation.

With this matter behind us, we look forward to putting our full focus on fulfilling the vision and mission of Kamehameha Schools, which is to improve the capability and well-being of our people through education.

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