Child care in Hawaii: Day care more expensive than college costs

A new study by the Economic Policy Institute has broken down the numbers when it comes to child care in the U.S., and here in Hawaii, it found some parents are paying more for day care than college.

According to the report, Hawaii parents are paying nearly 50 percent more to send their infant to day care than sending their teenager to college.

The report also found that parents working full-time, making minimum wage here in Hawaii of $7.75/hour, would have to spend every cent of their paycheck from January to September to afford infant day care.

In 2014, the annual income necessary to secure a modest yet adequate standard of living for a two-parent, two-child family in Hawaii was figured out to be:

  • Honolulu (metro area): $94,092 per year; $7,841 per month
  • Rural Hawaii: $76,529 per year; $6,377 per month

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