City paints musical notes on crosswalk

If you’re walking in front of the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Concert Hall, you might notice something a little different.

About a week ago, the city painted musical notes on the crosswalk entering the concert hall.

They’re actually the first three notes of the song “Aloha ‘Oe.”

The city says that the inspiration was to add context to the arts and culture district.

“I think whenever you do something different, people will stop and look. So I think people will be more cautious,” said Chris Dacus with the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation. “They’ll probably approach it a little more slower, and they’ll be interested, and they’ll probably have a smile on their face when they leave.”

“We’re trying to activate streets to promote increased pedestrian use as well as public safety,” said Mayor Caldwell. “Enhancing crosswalks like we’ve done at the Blaisdell Concert Hall contributes to a neighborhood’s sense of place and character and can help build community pride.”

The city says that this is a pilot project.

If the crosswalk is received well, the city will look at embellishing other areas.

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