Keiki Talk: Bribes are bad, rewards are good

Every second Friday, we chat with psychologist Dr. Suzanne Gelb, about keiki and the ohana.  Today’s Keiki Talk is:  Why bribing your child with treats doesn’t work.
She says it’s not uncommon for parents to offer their children a reward to get them to behave or do something. For instance, If you tidy you room, then I’ll take you to the movies. But these are not rewards — these are bribes!


Dr. Gelb says bribery is not an effective parenting technique because the child always wants something for behaving well.


A reward, on the other hand, doesn’t reward being responsible, and she says it’s OK to reward extra effort.


Lastly, it’s very important you become a good role model when teaching kids to behave responsibly. “You need to lead by example, and show them behaving responsibly makes us feel confident and successful,” says Dr. Gelb.


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