Windward beachgoers more cautious after weekend shark attack at Lanikai Beach

Shark warning signs came down Sunday on Kauai and Oahu.

We have word now that the attack off Waikiki Saturday night was not by a shark, but rather officials say it was likely an eel.

On Kauai, lifeguards reopened Haena Beach Park on the north side, after spotting a 10-foot tiger shark offshore Saturday.

On Oahu, lifeguards removed “shark sighted” signs from Kailua Beach nearly 24 hours after the shark attack off Lanikai.

The shark bit a 44 year-old swimmer who was hospitalized in critical condition with severe injuries to both his legs.

KHON2 did notice several people in the water but didn’t see large crowds at the beaches like you normally would on a Sunday. Many people say they hope the victim makes a quick recovery.

A day after a swimmer was bit by a shark at Lanikai, KHON2 noticed fewer people than normal at the popular beach.

“Certainly for a Sunday it’s kind of quiet,” said Kailua resident Rich Conley.

People were fishing with their families, while others were swimming in an area nearby.

“Sharks, that’s where they live. We are in their waters, not ours,” said Kailua resident Alex Schab.

On Saturday, a 44 year-old man suffered critical injuries to both feet after he was bit by a shark during a swim back from the Mokolua Islands. KHON2 was told it was an 8- to 10-foot tiger shark.

Over at Kailua Beach, people were swimming close to shore and wind surfers were in the water.

Lifeguards put away “shark sighted” signs that were on the beach because no other sharks were spotted Sunday.

Jerry Darby got in the water on Sunday. “Yes, and it was wonderful,” said Darby. “I’m not scared of animals, but I was alert, on what was going on.”

The man who was bit was swimming with a friend who was uninjured.

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