Ask a Doctor: World Stroke Day, sleep apnea, persistent coughing, and more

Every Thursday, Dr. Kalani Brady from the John A. Burns School of Medicine answers your medical questions. He appears at about 6:50 and 7:20. Today, he reminded viewers today is World Stroke Day. Learn more at


Some of his viewer questions included:

Is sleep apnea curable? Yes, under certain circumstances like losing weight.


My husband has sleep apnea and doesn’t use his machine regularly. Can this cause fatigue, memory loss, or affect his organs? Yes.


I’ve had a cough for a week and a half. Cough syrup with codeine doesn’t work. What can I do?


A cough clears the body of “junk.” A week and a half isn’t that long. If it bothers you too much, use cough syrup with Tussin-DM, or for severe bronchial spasms, use an inhaler.

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