SEARCH Hawaii visits Hawaii Island

Chef Mike Lofaro and Kainoa Horcajo meet with Kalei Nuuhiwa, a leading authority on the Kaulana Mahina, the methodology of the Hawaiian moon calendar. Kalei explains the moon is currently Kaloakulua and leads a foraging expedition for `ohelo berries.

The next adventure finds Chef Mike and Kainoa diving for he`e (Hawaiian name for octopus), but in accordance with the current lunar month in the middle of hurricane season, the waters are rough and murky.

The final search takes them to breathtaking historical Waipi`o Valley, where lo`i (taro patches) are being revived by many families including Kulia Tolentino-Potter and husband Jesse Potter. Kulia and her father founded Pohaha I Ka Lani to provide cultural education to youth and continue the restoration efforts of the ancient village site of Napo`opo`o where she meets Chef Mike and Kainoa .

It’s been a quick lesson in the moon phase, and Chef Mike picks up other supplies at The Locavore Store in Hilo town to complete the dinner menu. Back at the Volcano Village house, Chef Mike prepares a beautiful dinner based on the ingredients found.

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