First glimpse of quintuplets as parents prepare for homecoming

The youngest quintuplet, Kaolu, already knows how to shaka. (Photo: Marcie Dela Cruz)

They’re feisty, competitive, and showing plenty of personality.

That’s how the parents of Hawaii’s first set of quintuplets describe their babies, born just over a month ago.

The miracle started with just two embryos being injected into mom’s uterus. One of the embryos split in two, giving them identical twins.

But then those two embryos split one more time, and that’s how they ended up with four identical boys and a girl.

Doctors called the birth a once in a lifetime event.

KHON2 sat down with the proud parents, Marcie and Ray Dela Cruz, as they prepared for the babies’ homecoming.

The four boys and their sister are still in the hospital, breathing on their own, and doing well.

Each one weighs about four pounds, which is twice as much as when they were born. They should all be going home in another month.

Marcie and Ray know many challenges lie ahead, but they’re looking forward to it.

“Here is where the babies will be we have three cribs on order and so they’ll all be in this tiny bedroom,” Marcie said.

Marcie showed us around their two-bedroom home in Pauoa, a home fit for the couple and their two-year-old son Makaio.

But there will be adjustments when the quintuplets come home. Marcie plans to go back to work in February, so that means dad will have babysitting duties.

“Every day I try to picture that. Every day I’m thinking, I can do it, I can do it,” Ray Dela Cruz said.

Marcie goes to Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children twice a day to check on the babies.

She showed us their latest pictures, though she’s not quite ready to reveal them publicly, because they’re still connected to tubes.

She’s allowed us to show just their hands and feet for now, and says each one is showing a distinct personality.

  • Kapena, the oldest, is mellow and always sleeping.
  • Kamalii is the princess, and she knows it.
  • Kupono, the middle child, is the biggest and the funny one.
  • Keahi, the smallest, is feisty.
  • And the youngest one, Kaolu, is always happy and smiling, and already knows how to shaka.

Mom and dad are looking ahead to that happy homecoming.

“I just keep thinking how fun it’s going to be and I just can’t wait to see them interacting or even to see them together for the first time,” said Marcie Dela Cruz. “It’s amazing to us. We still don’t believe it. I think once they come home, maybe then it might be a little more, whoa, now it’s real, you know.”

The family is still looking for a bigger place, but until that happens, they just have to create more space at their current home. Even Makaio will need to help out.

They’re also looking to get a 15-passenger van next week.

Donations keep coming, especially diapers, and they’ll need plenty. They’re trying to find a business to volunteer as a drop-off site for those donations.

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