Local woman in Paris says city under lockdown following terror attacks

Hawaii students studying abroad in Paris were at the center of the attacks.

That includes a relative of KHON2’s Brent Remadna.

His cousin grew up in Honolulu and is now going to school in Paris.

She is safe, but she knows the country is mourning the loss of so many people.

A deadly and horrific day in Paris, France as more than 150 people are dead and that number is expected to rise.

“When we got home our friends had contacted us and said that there were shootings and bombings,” said Keili Trahan-McCarthy, who grew up in Hawaii and graduated from La Pietra. She is now studying in Paris.

Trahan-McCarthy lives a few miles from where some of the attacks took place.

She says some of the areas that were attacked are usually packed on a Friday night.

“There are a lot of restaurants, bars and nightlife and then when the attacks happened after that within an hour everything was cleared and nobody was out on the street,” said Trahan-McCarthy. “They were just telling everyone to go home.”

She also has a friend that was supposed to be at the soccer game between France and Germany where some of the bombings occurred.

“She got there like 15 minutes late and they wouldn’t let her in and then they heard some bombs and they told everyone to evacuate,” said Trahan-McCarthy.

Trahan-McCarthy used the new notification feature on Facebook called “safety check” to let people know she was OK.

Seven students from the University of Hawaii are studying abroad in Paris. A university spokesman says all students are safe.

“The Honolulu FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force is monitoring intelligence and canvassing sources in light of the recent Paris attacks. We have received no credible information of any specific terrorist threat targeting Hawaii or our territories in the Pacific,” FBI Special Agent Tom Simon said in a statement.

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