Former Makiki school to turn into affordable housing for homeless

Piikoi Street

The city is taking another step toward helping people get off the streets for good.

That’s according to neighborhood board members in Makiki, where a permanent affordable housing facility is being planned.

A former school on Piikoi Street, Loveland Academy, could be a new home for people looking to get back on their feet.

“Where people maybe never had an apartment can learn how to coexist and use the facilities appropriately and be a good tenant,” said Makiki Neighborhood Board member Paul Klink.

Klink is one of the neighborhood board members in Makiki who heard about the plan from city officials. He said the city recently bought the facility for $5 million, hoping to turn it into transitional housing with up to 45 units, with several different layout plans.

It would help those looking to get out of emergency shelters take another step toward complete independence.

“I think with the right management and the right pre-qualifications, it’s an asset to a neighborhood, because it’s a way we can all give back,” Klink said.

But the neighborhood board did not vote on the plan Thursday night, because they want to hear from residents first.

“This is the first that I’m hearing about it,” said Makiki resident Stephanie Emch.

City officials have not yet shared their vision with those living in the area.

The area is filled with residential buildings, and the people who live there told KHON2 they have mixed feelings about the plan.

“Any way that we can help, I think I’m okay with it,” said Makiki resident Elad Shapan.

“No concerns at all?” KHON2 asked.

“Not really, no,” Shapan said.

“There’s families that live here, you know? Children, so it could be scary,” Emch said.

“I think when those (concerned) residents come to share those opinions, I think it might be really good to take them on a tour of the pre-existing facilities and see other facilities that are very similar,” Klink said.

Klink said there are two transitional housing facilities in the area that are helping people.

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