Tuesday’s Need to Know

Hawaii Island police are asking for help finding a missing work furlough inmate. Devin Saragosa-Taoy didn’t return to the reintegration center Monday afternoon like he was supposed to. If you see him call 911.

On Oahu, authorities are looking for suspects after another BB gun shooting Monday evening in Kalihi. The BB grazed a child’s head. If you know anything call police.

The Department of Agriculture considers a proposal today to ban animals brought to Hawaii for entertainment purposes. Right now, groups like circuses can get a permit.

Authorities say counterfeit cash turned up on Kauai recently at an outdoor market in Kapa`a. Officials say compare bills and look for differences if something seems off.

Police need your help finding thieves who stole copper from an electrical box at Farrington High School Monday. If you have any information, call police.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced new rules on mortgage loans, aiming at making lenders more transparent to the borrowers. Lenders will now give home buyers a loan estimate form- the Know Before You Own rule- and must give a closing disclosure form to buyers three days prior to closing.

The zipper lane is working normally this morning after the zip mobile malfunctioned last night. The Department of Tranportation says the part that controls the zip mobile’s speed malfunctioned.

With rain comes the potholes. If you spot a pothole, the city and state urge you to report it to them.

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