Young Boston ‘superheroes’ visit preemie parents

A group of once premature babies brought hope to the newest “preemies” and their parents.

Inside Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, kids and their parents thanked doctors and nurses who guided them through a challenging time.

It was all part of World Prematurity Day in November, raising awareness for premature babies and their parents.

Baby Kai had no idea that there are certain life events you don’t want to arrive too early for, like being born. His mother, Sasha, said “he was 29 weeks and three days” and weighed only about two pounds.

With milestones measured in ounces, life is too fragile for his mom Sasha to picture Kai as a big boy.

But they’re about to get some help — kids in capes, who meet not in the halls of justice, but in the halls of the Boston hospital.

They themselves were previously preemies, and the March of Dimes organized this day of gratitude, where the “superheroes” come back to thank their doctors and nurses.

The March of Dimes says for the first time, complications of preterm birth now outrank all other causes in deaths of young children.

The non-profit group says more than a million babies worldwide die as a result of preterm birth.

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