City sets up trash bins in Kahaluu park for Mapele Road residents

Mapele Road

Two trash bins are now in place at Kahaluu Regional Park to assist residents at the end of a crumbling road in Kahaluu.

The city says refuse trucks cannot access those homes after Mapele Road partially collapsed last month.

The last day refuse was collected on the privately owned road by automated pickup trucks was Saturday, Nov. 21.

Notices went out to residents Thursday informing them of the placement of the bins. They are locked and only affected residents will have access to them.

“As they go in and out of their properties, to go to work or other things, they could just throw their trash into the dumpster,” Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell previously told KHON2.

Last week, a resident contacted us after receiving a notice from the city that trash would not be picked up until the partially collapsed road is fixed.

The notice said:

“Due to the unstable and collapsed road at 47-510 Mapele Road, the City and County of Honolulu Refuse Division is unable to provide refuse collection service to your area until the road is stabilized and our refuse trucks are able to access your street.”

Residents were originally directed to take their trash to a city transfer station or convenience center, the closest of which is 10 miles away.

Meanwhile, the Honolulu Emergency Services Department confirmed that ambulances can access homes that are located past the road damage, and will continue to respond to emergencies as necessary.

However, fire trucks cannot through the area. Officials tell us the Honolulu Fire Department has made arrangements with a private landowner along the road to use private property to get around the road break.

But the problem remains, who will fix the road?

Residents want the city to do it, but the city says the road is privately owned and does not fall under its jurisdiction.

A city spokesman directed us to the specific ordinance that prohibits the city from funding major repairs to the road:

Sec. 14-32.2 Surface maintenance 

(b) Maintenance work to be performed by the city pursuant to this section shall not include installation or maintenance of curbs, shoulders, gutters, drainage facilities, or similar infrastructure.

The ordinance only allows for minor repairs, not major structural reconstruction.

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