North Carolina man welcomes soldier’s remains after 65 years

HENDERSON, N.C. (WRAL) — Like a lot of people this week, Harold Ivey waited for a loved one to arrive at Raleigh–Durham International Airport.

The wait has been longer than most.

Ivey has been waiting for his brother, Cpl. Charles Ivey, to come home for more than six decades. Cpl. Ivey was listed as missing in action during the Korean War.

“He actually dropped out of school and lied about his age to go to Korea to join the service,” Ivey said. “I’m really proud for him to come back after being lost all of this time.”

When the plane finally touched down, Ivey wasn’t the only one waiting. A full color guard was on hand for this homecoming.

But there would be no hug or even a handshake for these brothers who, sadly, never met.

“He actually died 11 months before I was born. Even though I never met him, I am still proud of him for what he did,” Ivey said.

DNA technology helped identify the remains of Cpl. Ivey.

Thanks to the efforts of the United Service Organizations, Cpl. Ivey headed home to Henderson where he will be laid to rest, 65 years to the day he was reported missing.

It will be a salute to brothers and their bond.

“It’s the last thing I can possibly do for him, for him to be honored in this way,” Ivey said.

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