Can new UH coach change the culture?

Friday marked a new era for the University of Hawaii football program.

“I think Dave Matlin did a phenomenal job, not only in how quickly he made this decision, but in the choice that he made,” said University of Hawaii Board of Regents member Jeff Portnoy.

With the firing of former head football coach Norm Chow, the Rainbow Warriors now turn to the future, that future being Nick Rolovich.

“I think that Nick Rolovich will be a popular choice,” said Portnoy. “I know that there were other good candidates, but Dave Matlin thought Rolovich is the right choice at this time.”

The university will formally introduce Rolovich as head coach at a press conference Monday starting at 10 a.m. We will live stream it on our website.

Many students were happy with the move.

“I am actually pretty stoked I think they are going to do a lot better,” said UH student Kupono Kaaiawaawa.

While it still remains to be seen what impacts the new coach will have on the program, to some, the future looks bright.

“I think  the expectation is people will come back to the stadium and will support the program again, but everyone has to have patience because it could take a little while,” said Portnoy.

Rebuilding a program doesn’t happen overnight, but with local ties and a strong resume Rolovich seems to fit the bill.

“I think someone who has been here, who has played here, who understands the culture, it is critical for a successful coach at UH,” said Portnoy.

But while rebuilding will take some time, it all comes down to if the coach can win, and that is what fans have been missing out on for so long.

“I think winning will bring back people to the games,” said UH student Jebediah Flink.

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