Ask A Specialist: Cancer Screening

Why is cancer screening so important and what kind of tests should you consider? Dr. Ryon Nakasone, medical oncologist at The Queen’s Medical Center, says cancer screening is important because it can provide early detection, which can lead to early intervention/ treatment, thereby decreasing mortality/ morbidity.


Types of cancer screenings include:

  • Breast – mammograms
  • Colon – colonoscopy
  • Cervical – Pap smears
  • Lung – CAT scan


Possible limitations of the screenings include the patient’s stress or anxiety levels rising, the risks of procedures, and the risk of false positives. Dr. Nakasone also points out that differences exist between professionals on who to screen, what age to start/stop screenings, and guidelines/ recommendations regarding screenings.


If you’re interested in a cancer screening, speak to your physician; discuss the guidelines, benefits and risks, and make a shared decision that is best for you.


To learn more about cancer screenings and prevention, go to the Queen’s Cancer Center website. You’ll also find physician bios and information on services offered.


For more information on cancer screening and prevention, contact the Queen’s Cancer Center at (808) 691-8777.  Or click here.


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