Laulima: Single mother wants special holiday for young daughter

A young mother is now a single parent unexpectedly, and you can help her create a brighter holiday for her child.

A 21-year old mother of a little girl recently found herself the sole caregiver when her partner unexpectedly died.

She suffers from depression and life has been difficult financially, but she wants to give her two-year-old daughter the best she can.

She is also committed to her education, so she takes advantage of free programs offered by non-profits in their area.

She doesn’t want to dwell in their loss or in self pity. Instead, she wants to make sure her daughter is happy.

For the holidays, her daughter would love educational toys, princess toys, and clothing (size 3T-4T)  and shoes (size 7.5) would be appreciated.

She doesn’t ask for anything for herself but clothing (2x) and shoes (8) would be helpful and perhaps a restaurant gift certificate.

In the spirit of laulima, our many hands working together, we can make a difference in the lives of this little girl and young mother this holiday season.

To help, click here and use the ohana code LS-127.

If you need assistance this holiday season, or want more information on the Laulima Giving Program, please call 808-393-4981 or email

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