City council has yet to clarify state-mandated moped inspections

An ordinance in Honolulu is being introduced to implement the requirement in state law for annual inspections of mopeds.

It’s not clear where the inspections will take place, but we are getting more details on how they would work.

Councilmember Ann Kobayashi tells me she doesn’t believe the annual safety inspections would directly address the noise concerns relating to mopeds, but it would ensure that the mopeds are safe to drive.

It’s already Hawaii law for the inspections to take place, and she wants to make sure Honolulu is following the law.

Annual safety inspections for mopeds could be coming to Oahu.

It’s already a state law, but Councilmember Ann Kobayashi wants to make sure people with mopeds know they are safe to drive.

“The Big Island and Maui are already doing the safety inspections. Just Kauai and Oahu that have not started yet,” said Honolulu Councilmember Ann Kobayashi.

According to the bill, The Department of Finance is responsible for supervising official inspection stations, and those stations would need to have a headlight testing machine, a wheel alignment gauge or tester, and other tools required for moped inspections.

Kobayashi says they haven’t determined the cost, or when the inspections would begin.

“We want mopeds to be safe, and we have had many complaints about moped noise, this would not really affect the noise, unless the moped is altered so much, to make it louder, the safety inspector would say something about it,” said Kobayashi.

The owner of a local moped shop tells me safety inspections are common, and people should be aware if something is wrong with the moped they are riding.

“For a person to ride a moped that has, good working brakes, lights all working, all the safety inspections, working on a fully functional mechanically sound, moped, that should automatically be the norm,” said Akihiro Murakoshi of Mr. Scooter’s.

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