Trash bags tied to poles baffle Windward Oahu residents

Trash bags tied to poles have mysteriously popped up all around Windward Oahu, and people are asking who put them there and why?

A viewer contacted us about it using the Report It feature on our website.

Plastic trash bags are tied up along Kamehameha Highway in Kaneohe, all along the route for Saturday’s Christmas parade.

Whoever did it seems to have good intentions. But the problem is it’s illegal, so the state plans to take them all down.

They’re hard to miss whether you’re walking or driving along the highway. White garbage bags have been tied up on the sign posts, and they have residents wondering why.

“Maybe someone’s trying to collect cans,” said Fiona Levista.

Some of the residents KHON2 spoke with say it’s a good idea. People seem to be putting their trash inside the bags so it will help the area stay cleaner.

“I think it’s a smart idea, because if the trash is too far, then people won’t go far enough to walk to the trash and throw their trash away,” said Natasha Afe.

But if they’re there to cover areas without trash cans, why are some of the bags placed right next to them?

To add to the mystery, we saw more of them on the Pali Highway in Nuuanu. Whatever the reason may be for putting them there, Mo Radke, chairman of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board, is already inspired.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea for us to go a step further and perhaps find a way to have another receptacle, maybe something a little more permanent where those trash bags can be loaded in there and people can walk by pick up a bag and pick up trash on the street,” said Radke.

The State Department of Transportation plans to put a stop to it. A spokesman says crews will be taking them down Friday. Any use of the highway right of way for purposes other than transportation requires approval from the state.

Radke agrees with the state in taking them down, but believes whoever did this had good intentions.

“I believe so and if there’s an ordinance that requires those things to be pulled down, because I can understand that having plastic flags and bags hanging off of poles is not gonna be becoming for the city of Kaneohe, but neither is trash,” Radke said.

HPD is investigating it as a criminal littering case. A spokeswoman says anyone caught doing that could get arrested or receive a citation.

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