Fox Sports analysts reflect significance of Pearl Harbor ahead of NFL Sunday pre-game coverage

The Fox NFL Sunday crew will be up bright and early Sunday for their pre-game show from Ford Pier at Pearl Harbor. It’s all part of “Fox Salute’s the Military.”

The crew will overlook the USS Arizona, and will be alongside the USS Missouri.

KHON2 got a behind-the-scenes look at the NFL pre-game set and talked to some of Fox’s analysts about what it’s like for them to be in Hawaii.

A seven-time Pro Bowler, Fox NFL Sunday’s Michael Strahan is no stranger to Hawaii, but he says this trip is about more than just football.

“It’s actually surreal to actually be here after all the preparation and talk to actually go on the show, and now that it’s actually here you kind of go ‘wow,’ it’s such a wow moment to be positioned here and with the timing of what happened and with the anniversary of what’s coming up, we’re honored to be part of it to be honest with you,” said Strahan.

The pregame show will start before the sun comes up, but Fox’s Howie Long says that’s no problem at all.

“We’d wake up in the dark in L.A. anyway, I’m up 4:30 and in L.A. we’ll be up 2:30, here it is, what it is,” said Long.

Long is also no stranger to Hawaii, with eight Pro Bowls under his belt.

He described what it’s like to work at the historic site. “It’s been a really great opportunity for everyone to get a better sense of just how significant this place is historically and what an active base it its now.”

Terry Bradshaw, who owns a house on Hawaii Island, says he even has a family connection to the events of 74 years ago.

“I got fascinated by World War II and Pearl Harbor a few years back and read as many books as I could. My dad showed up here right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and was part of the salvage team,” he said.

Fox’s NFL pre-game coverage live from Pearl Harbor starts Sunday morning at 6 a.m. on KHON2.

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