BBB announces top 10 scams in 2015

Taxes, debt collection, and gifts were all fodder for scammers in 2015.

The Better Business Bureau released Tuesday its Top 10 Scams of 2015. The list is compiled by data collected from the first 10,000 complaints reported on the BBB Scam Tracker, which launched earlier this year.

Anticipated to be high on the list, tax scams made up about 24-percent, more than the next three categories combined.

The full list follows:

  1. Taxes: You owe money to the government and you’re going to be arrested if you don’t pay now.
  2. Debt collection: You owe money for an old debt and you’ll be sued if you don’t pay now.
  3. Sweepstakes, prizes, gifts: You’ve won a prize and all you have to do is pre-pay the taxes.
  4. Tech support: You have a computer problem, but we’re from tech support and we can help.
  5. Government grant: You’ve qualified for a government grant, just send the processing fee first.
  6. Advance fee loan: You’ve gotten the loan but first, you need to pay a deposit or insurance.
  7. Credit card: You can get a better interest rate, just tell us your credit card number and security code.
  8. Work from home: You got the job, now just give us a ton of personally identifiable information.
  9. Fake check or money order: We overpaid you, but just send us the difference, and later the check will bounce.
  10. Lottery: You won a foreign lottery, but you have to pay upfront for taxes and fees.

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