Police warn of new holiday schemes

Christmas is over but police have a warning for you. Don’t let your guard down.

Police tell us December is when they get the most complaints from people who’ve been scammed.

Thieves are using new tactics to take advantage of you.

Star Wars is blowing up the box office this month.

But if you got an email offering you free tickets or merchandise, Honolulu police say, don’t fall for it.

It’s the newest trick by scam artists, phishing for your personal information.

But their tricks don’t end there.

“People put themselves in a better mood at this time of the year. They make better victims at this time than other times of the year

HPD released this new warning urging you to protect yourself from holiday scams that you may get through email, text message, or phone calls.

Recently, wicked weather has battered parts of the mainland, killing dozens of people.

But when disaster strikes, police say that’s when scammers pounce on your generosity.

“Give to the poor. Charity fundraiser. But they use the holiday theme to play into your sympathy to get your to part with your money,” said Honolulu Police Department Captain John McCarthy.

So here’s some advice from police:

– Be careful who you give your money to.

– Donate to established charities. That way, you know your donation will reach the right person.

– And police say if you receive a message from out of nowhere, it may be a scam, so at the very least confirm is authenticity.

“I can tell you nationwide, these scams net the bad guys millions of dollars. Big, big money,” added McCarthy.



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