Repairing a Heart Valve: Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair

Millions in the U.S. have a leaky heart valve. What is it and what can be done to repair it? Dr. Christian Spies, interventional cardiologist at The Queen’s Medical Center, lets us know in this Ask a Specialist.

He explains that transcatheter mitral valve repair is the repair of a heart valve with a clip inserted via a puncture in the groin area. It is the most common heart valve problem in the US; millions in the U.S. have this condition and several thousands in Hawaii have it.

Transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR) is not for everybody- it’s not recommended for patients who are deemed high risk for open heart surgery.

To learn more about heart valve disease or mitral regurgitation, call the Queen’s Heart Center for Valve and Structural Heart Disease at (808) 691-8808 or visit

To learn more and for information on advanced cardiovascular care right here in Hawaii, call The Queen’s Heart Physician Practice at 691-8808 or click here.

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