Tips for viewing sunrise at Haleakala National Park

A view of the crater at Haleakala (Photo: NPS)

Sunrise viewing at the summit of Haleakala National Park will be busy during holidays.

Officials say visitors should be aware that they will encounter long lines at the park entrance station and there is limited parking at the summit itself.

The park’s three-day entrance pass is $15. Credit cards are quickest to process–visitors are advised to use them.

Minimum driving times to the park entrance from the following locations are: Wailea: 2.5 hours. Lahaina: 3 hours. Kahului: 2 hours.

Visitor should also keep in mind that the summit is an additional 40 minute drive past the park entrance. The driving times take into account the heavy sunrise traffic and steep, winding road.

The park is beautiful at any time of day so visitors may want to consider a later morning or afternoon visit. Sunsets are also stunning. Above all, please travel to and enjoy the park safely.

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