Hawaii prepares to celebrate New Year’s Eve, complete with fireworks and firecrackers

Many across the state are gearing up for what’s expected to be a loud New Year’s Eve Thursday night.

With only a few hours left to purchase firecrackers there are still some people out getting them. Some stores expect people to continue to trickle in all the way up until sales are shutdown.

Its almost New Year’s Eve and that means fireworks will soon light up the sky.

“It will be his first New Years Eve so we want to make it special,” said Oahu resident, Joy Santos.

Santos and her family will be watching the fireworks from Waikiki.

“We plan to keep it safe and secure for everybody,” said Santos. But that is not the only place you can watch the fireworks there will also be firework displays at Aloha Tower Marketplace, Ko Olina Resort, Kahala Hotel and at Sand Island.

While watching the firework shows can be fun, for some it’s about getting together with family and setting off some firecrackers.

Firecrackers went on sale the day after Christmas and day one was a busy one with hundreds of people lining up at some stores.

“Very long lines,” said Oahu resident, Bill Villanueva. “People were actually rolling up with dollies spending maybe four to five hundred just for permits.”

Villanueva spent today just getting the last minute essentials.


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