Lawsuit filed against city for alleged police beating

Honolulu Police Department

A lawsuit has been filed against the city in connection with an alleged police beating that was shot on home video by witnesses that’s gone viral on social media.

The incident happened in September 2014 at a beach in Nanakuli. The police officer was responding to a report of a man harassing a monk seal. The man said he was chanting at the seal when the officer came up to him and told him to move. The man claims he started to move back but then the officer pepper sprayed him and began to beat him with his baton.

Attorney Michael Green said “everyone is entitled to justice. Everyone is entitled to the protection of the laws and when you get people that are really weak, where the offender doesn’t think they have a voice in our society and our government and the right to object to this kind of treatment, it goes on and on. … There has to be a stop to it.”

KHON2 reached out to the Honolulu Police Department for comment, but a spokesperson said they haven’t received any official notice of a lawsuit yet and can’t comment.

The officer involved was placed on desk duty after the incident, but was later returned to full duty status.

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