Activity at Kilauea’s Halemaumau Crater puts on spectacular show

Video still courtesy U.S. Geological Survey

Madame Pele put on another spectacular show at Kilauea’s Halemaumau Crater Friday morning.

Activity continues to be strong due to heightened lava lake levels inside the crater, and heating from the lava lake triggered another rockfall and explosion early Friday morning.

Scientists say the rocks in the vent wall expand as they are heated by the high temperature of the lava lake, become unstable, then collapse into the lava lake.

pele tear

The U.S. Geological Survey reported the explosion also released what it calls one-of-a-kind, completely hollow “Pele’s Tears.” The “tears” are usually solid and not hollow, and form when airborne particles of molten material fuse into tear-like drops of volcanic glass.

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