County staff shortage affects trash pickup in Kahului

Due to a staff shortage, a residential refuse collection route in the Kahului area was not picked up Monday.

The County of Maui Dept. of Environmental Management, Solid Waste Division, apologized for the inconvenience and said all missed pickups are expected to be completed Tuesday.

The affected areas include:

Full Route

  • Lono Ave.
  • Ani St.
  • S. Mokapu St.
  • Pomaikai St.
  • Makalii St.
  • Makalii Pl.
  • Kipuka Pl.
  • Poheoheo Pl.
  • Nanimalu Pl. Poai Pl.
  • Polu Pl.
  • N. Kei Pl.
  • S. Kei Pl.
  • Polani St.
  • Meli Pl.
  • Akalei Pl.
  • Kuula St.
  • Aiai St.
  • Kuhuoi St.
  • Kahiki St.
  • S, Lehua St.
  • Kuukama St.
  • Kuualoha St.
  • Kuuhoa St.
  • Kuuhoa Pl.
  • Kealohilani St.
  • Pualena St.
  • Kuuohana Way

Partial Route

  • Huluhulu St.
  • Huluhulu Pl.
  • Puumakani St.
  • Apaa Pl.
  • Hopena Pl.
  • Kaulu Pl
  • Pona Way
  • Ekolu Pl.
  • Ekolu St.
  • Huali Way
  • Kalili Way
  • Kuhao Pl.
  • Kuhao St.
  • Kipapa Pl.
  • Komo Pl.
  • Hoomoku St.
  • Hoomoku Loop
  • Opukea St.
  • Hookui St.
  • Makamaka St.
  • Honowai St.

and all surrounding streets.

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